Fall Training 2018

Training Classes @ The Soccer Coliseum (Teaneck NJ)

Kinder Soccer – A fun-filled exposure to the planet’s most popular sport. Build confidence and coordination with basic skills and small-sided play emphasizing the joy  of the game. Ages 3-4.

Foot Skills & Finishing – Work on advanced ball handling in these intense fast footwork sessions. Dribbling, penetration, fakes and more to beat opponents. Boost goal-scoring ability with a variety of ball striking and volleying techniques for success in the offensive end of the field.

Total Soccer Training – Today’s soccer requires players who are skillful, agile, adaptive, and spatially aware; capable of quickly switching from offense to defense and have an understanding of multiple positions. Our Total Soccer class will put heavy emphasis on ball mastery, speed of play, finishing, speed & agility, and 1v1 attacking & defending.

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World Class FC Pre-Travel (Paramus NJ & Orangeburg NY)

The Pre-Travel Program is a year-round (Fall and Spring) program designed to inspire young players to learn and develop a passion for the game of soccer.

The program provides an opportunity for younger recreational players to participate in an advanced training and development program. Participation in the program will help players improve their skills and be better prepared to transition to a travel program when they can participate in tryouts at the U8 level.

 For Ages – 2012 & 2013 


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