Private Training

Why Choose World Class Soccer

At World Class Soccer, we can accelerate a players development through our fast paced private or semi-private training sessions run by top level coaches.

The staff includes current and former professional players; US National Team, College and High School coaches. Each student will be assigned to trainer that is a specialist for his or her age group and needs. 

Our trainers know what it takes to excel, how to properly demonstrate skills in game-like movement, how to establish a positive mentor-student relationship, and through a thorough evaluation session are capable of determining the core areas that need work.

Our program is guaranteed to improve your technical skills and produce positive results that will be immediately transferable to the your team game.

Why Individual Training is a Must

  • Soccer is an art that requires mastery of a very large set of skills, strong agility, and the ability to make quick decisions under pressure. Individual training is an essential requirement and a priorityin the overall training program of players who wants to excel in their sport.
  • The best players devote up to 25% of their weekly training regimen to individual training throughout their career, so there is a strong correlation between private training and outstanding ability.
  • There is a science to developing outstanding ability and creativity. Our model promotes a systematic approach that addresses the whole person as well as all the integral parts.


Pricing Structure

The rate for private training is higher than the typical rate for group training because private training involves one coach concentrating on one individual as opposed to a larger group.

1 Session

  • Individual Rate – $95 per hour
  • Group Rate – $75 for per hour (2-3 students)

5 Session Package

  • Individual Rate – $85 per hour
  • Group Rate – $65 for hour (2-3 students)

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