Other Training Services

Tryout Services

Running tryouts on your own for any club can be a formidable task. As experienced professionals in this industry, let us run your club’s tryouts on the field so that each player is evaluated and allocated effienciently.

  • Spot on evaluations for every player
  • Efficient tryout sessions geared towards deciphering each players abilities in all key areas
  • Unbiased evaluations

Recreational Programs

At World Class, we understand that passionate players looking for the best possible soccer programming do not all compete at the elite club soccer level.

There are a vast amount of recreational players and programs who seek the highest level training.

World Class Soccer will run or help run your town’s recreational soccer program with our professional staff. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Preseason Camp

For clubs who want their teams to get the most out of preseason (prior to the Fall season), count on us to utilize the most efficient training geared towards development in key areas specific to preparation for an upcoming season.

Key areas for Preseason Training include:

  • Skill development and retention
  • Match day physical fitness and readiness
  • Relevant and age appropriate tactics and team play

Email Info@worldclasssoccer or call 201-261-3771 to set up free consultation