About The Director

Director of World Class Soccer – Kazbek Tambi

After his professional career, Kazbek redirected all his knowledge into building World Class Soccer into the force in youth soccer that it is today.

Kazbek’s unlikely soccer journey and experiences have placed him in a unique position, enabling him to pass on very useful and relevant knowledge to the youth soccer world of today.

What is unique about the director of World Class Soccer, Kazbek Tambi, is that he grew up locally in the suburb of Ridgewood NJ,  where he also excelled as a student, before making it as a high level professional playing alongside top international stars. No one foresaw this level of success as Kazbek was a very average athlete, and during these days, most of the pros came from foreign countries, and the few Americans that made it typically came from the big cities, where soccer was then more popular.

Kazbek is the son of refugee/immigrant parents who were limited in time to support their children’s after school activities as they worked double shifts at factory jobs in order to raise their children in a town with a good school system.  Therefore Kazbek had limited parental involvement in his soccer journey and thus relied on his own passion for the sport to drive him to success, and in this process learned many important lessons.

Despite the odds against him, Kazbek managed to make it as an elite collegiate player and team captain at Columbia University, which he helped lead to 4 straight Ivy League titles and the NCAA Final 4. After college, Kazbek did earn a captaincy role with the US Olympic Team and the NY Cosmos professional squad. He also continued his education, earning a law degree, and became a licensed attorney. After his playing days, with an enthusiasm to help young players to reach their goals, Kazbek did join the coaching ranks;  taking on youth teams, college teams and US National Teams. Kazbek is proud to have helped scores of players move up the ladder to collegiate, national and professional levels.


  • Captain, Columbia University – 4 time Ivy League Champions
  • Captain, USA Olympic Team (1984)
  • Coach, Seton Hall University Men’s and Women’s teams
  • Head Coach, USA U16/U17 Women’s National team, led U17 team to a silver medal at first ever World Championship (2008) in New Zealand.
  • USSF A License
  • Current Director of Coaching, New York City FC Girls Academy