History of World Class


The World Class Soccer Group is a youth soccer organization that provides a wide ranging and essential mix of services aimed at developing youth soccer players, teams, and coaches. Our organization is adept and capable of providing our clients with soccer clinics, individual training, team training, soccer camps, college recruiting services, and coaching education.

Our group began 25 years ago as the #1 soccer camp in Northern NJ, and has continuously evolved and expanded since then. Over this time period we have owned and operated multiple indoor sports facilities, directed and trained both premier and local soccer clubs, developed a wide ranging network of contacts and affiliates from professional teams and the national level. We have now evolved to the point where we have the capacity and experts/personal to handle almost all youth soccer needs.

Our mission involves two fundamental components. One is to provide high quality service to our clients which translates to soccer players and teams maximizing their potential on the field. The other component involves developing human beings with great values, full of confidence, and great sportsmanship. We recognize that soccer is more than just a game, it is force that captures the attention and passion of the general population in a profound way. And our role as youth soccer directors, coaches, and administrators is more than a business, it is an opportunity to shape the lives of kids in a positive way.